Working people’s music

While this genre has its origins in Stillwater Oklahoma, in which the iron oxide in the land gives it its red color, Texas is where this music has found its home away from home. Independent Bands and Artist are free to be as original and creative as they need without the constraints of the Main Recording Labels. Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson made their move back to Texas in the 1970’s when they discovered themselves unhappy with the Nashville creative control. This music is a whole lot about the lyrics along with the tales. It’s the typical working people’s music visa for us citizens to europe.

The Country

There is less emphasis on big production and much more focus on the atmosphere. It is like the traditional country music story telling with present day themes. There is a no holds barred approach. The music tells it like it’s without censorship. lee mas Red Dirt Music is a sub genre of Country music however is more often referred to as Option Country or Outlaw Country.

Not mainstream

It is definitely not main stream country music. This is somewhat ironic considering that many followers proudly boast that red dirt is real country music, not what is being played on top 40 country radio today. The majority of these artists possess a Traditional Country sound while some are exactly what I would call Southern Rock. It’s a mix of Classic Country, Classic Rock and Blues.Texas is the only state that has reddish dirt radio stations you could actually listen to in your motor vehicle. Aside from that online radio is the only location you can find regular broadcasts.

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Red dirt kings

Red dirt kings

Com is the most popular and the only one committed to playing Red Dirt Music. Even though the majority of the terrestrial radio stations in Texas have an online broadcast too. Some of my favorite Red Dirt Artists are: What strikes me about this type of music is the total disregard for the Nashville Major labels are generating as modern country music. eTA Canadá

If you are tired of what the radio channels are pushing on you as country music afterward red dirt is what you ought to be listening to. You need to be warned however, that this music is occasionally irreverent, politically incorrect and may contain language not appropriate to the youngsters. It’s songs about real life. eTA for Canada