Visa Requirements To Travel To Saudi Arabia

Excellent place for holidays

The diverse and vast country of Saudi Arabia is one of the seven leading countries in the Middle East. It is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. The Arabian Peninsula is blessed with a great variety of eco-systems, including deserts, glaciers, rain forests, oceans, fertile plains, and lakes.

There are different weather conditions in this country, which has made it one of the favorite tourist destinations all over the world.
Travel to Saudi Arabia can be an excellent idea for family holidays and other destinations.

The desert and beaches are very popular in Saudi Arabia. Here is some information on the beaches and the resorts in the city of Jeddah.

Beach resorts

Visa requirements to travel to Saudi Arabia are straightforward. There is a requirement to possess a valid passport and electronic visa issued by the eligible country.

Beach resorts, called beach hotels, are located along the coastline of Jeddah. There are numerous hotels in this area that offer fully furnished apartments and villas.

Many of these resorts have restaurants and swimming pools that provide facilities for sports activities. You can rent these facilities with your own money to enjoy a memorable holiday.

The stunning beaches

The beaches in Jeddah are stunning, as they have been chosen due to their pristine beauty. These beaches are very famous for tourists, as they are used as romantic spots to go on holiday. The beaches are spread over an area of over one hundred kilometers of coastline.

Many beaches in Jeddah are top-rated among tourists. One of the famous beaches is called Al Quoz Beach. This beach has several water slides and water sports that include windsurfing and kite surfing.

A few beaches popular with tourists from all over the world are Beiji Beach, Gatil, and Madinat Jahshan.

These beaches are very scenic and offer beautiful scenery. In addition, these beaches also provide facilities for some shopping experiences. You can visit these shops to find some splendid shopping deals.

Beiji Beach

You can enjoy an unforgettable experience at the Hot Springs of Jeddah. The beautiful golden sandstone bath-houses and steamy pools offer relaxation to all those who visit them. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds.

A place that you cannot miss when visiting Jeddah is the modern shopping places. The markets of Jeddah also provide a lot of options for people who want to shop. Some of the leading marketplaces include Al Dawada Al Hejja, Al Masrra, and Al Fakhr Al Hassiya.

Family holidays to Saudi Arabia are becoming increasingly popular with the growing number of international families traveling for business and pleasure. This is partly because the country is becoming ever more accessible, with flights to the country arriving every day, and in part. After all, the country’s economy is stable and has a relatively high degree of economic development.

Many families are looking to travel to the country to enjoy their annual summer break, taking the opportunity to spend some time in the beautiful countryside, and enjoying an exciting family holiday that involves activities and tours that will enhance their holiday experience.

E-visa to Saudi Arabia

The electronic visa system to Saudia was launched by the government of the country in September 2019. Since that, the citizens of 49 countries are allowed to use the online system and apply for e-visa via the internet without leaving home.

Submit your application through the website. Follow all the steps, and make sure you haven’t missed any important part. Remember to provide an active email address, because you will receive your visa as a PDF file in an email message. Check the spam folder to make sure you won’t miss the email.

email message

Electronic visa can be used multiple times, which means you can cross the borders of Saudi Arabia many times during validity. E-visa stays valid until one year since the day of approval. With e-visa, you can travel across Saudi Arabia for 90 days.

Requirements on arrival to Saudi Arabia clearly indicate that you need to carry a valid passport with you and keep a copy of issued e-visa on the phone.