Do I Need A Visa To Travel To Sri Lanka

Perfect place for romantic holidays

Sri Lanka is a popular tourist destination for all kinds of travelers, and it offers a range of destinations suitable for a variety of travelers. From beach holidays to hiking holidays to exotic holidays, authentic honeymoon breaks, and even domestic holiday breaks, Sri Lanka has something to offer everyone.

Do I need a visa to travel to Sri Lanka? To legally enter Sri Lanka, you will need electronic travel authorization approved by the government. In the last part of this article, you will learn how to apply for a visa to Sri Lanka and details about the permission.

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So if you are thinking about going on an exotic holiday to Sri Lanka or anywhere else in the world then you need to read this article.

We will take a look at some of the most popular places for honeymoon and tropical holidays to Sri Lanka and hopefully help you plan your next holiday.

Best things that you can do in Sri Lanka

Firstly, if you are looking for a tropical holiday in Sri Lanka, you need to visit the northern coast of the island. You will be greeted by a beautiful sandy beach, lush green plantations, coconut trees, palm trees, high mountains, and lush green valleys.

You can spend a few days exploring this island, and you will find that you have a lot of fun, so if you want a place for you and your partner to relax after a hectic day, then this is the perfect place.

If you want to taste exotic holidays in Sri Lanka, then there are several places where you can head to when you visit the country. Kandy has many beaches, including Tambo Beach, Ella Beach, Pagasa Beach, Daffodil Island Beach, and Boduett beach, where you can swim, sunbath, and dive.

A trip to the eastern coast of the island is also perfect for visitors looking for sea life, as you can find some great snorkeling, water fun, diving, and angling.

Tambo Beach

While you are traveling in Sri Lanka, you should make sure that you visit the National Park. You can find a wide variety of animals, birds, plants, and marine life that you have never seen before. You will get a chance to see elephants, rhinos, hippos, and tigers in their natural habitats.

Kutum town is located in the North Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. The city is a favorite stop for many tourists because of its rich history and heritage. You can find some well-known temples that are believed to be the remnants of the once-thriving city of Kutum.

Ambalangala town is renowned for its fabulous natural beauty. The scenery here is rich with lush green vegetation and breathtaking landscapes. There are also lakes, bays, and rivers that are a great attraction for hikers and nature lovers.

Mallaig is a lovely town famous for its rich flora and fauna. There are many waterfalls, lagoons, and beaches in this beautiful town. You can also explore the beautiful tropical environment by exploring the fantastic museums in this town.

eTA to Sri Lanka

As mentioned before, you need to be aware of the requirements on arrival in Sri Lanka. An eTA is perfect for a short visit in the country for a specified purpose, such as travel, business, and transit through Sri Lanka.

The people from eligible countries intending to enter Sri Lanka are allowed to apply online. You may expect that the application process will be complicated, but you don’t need to worry.


Filling out an application form and paying a service fee shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. To make sure you receive your eTA on time, apply with at least two days of advance.

There’s no need to carry the printout of issued visa since the document is electronically assigned to your passport.

Tourist eTA allows its holder to enter Sri Lanka two times and stay for 30 days. eTA’s validity period can be extend for another six months after entering the territory of Sri Lanka.