Visa Requirements To Travel To Oman

What You Should Know About Family Holidays in Oman

Taking your family on holiday to Oman can be the perfect way to relax and enjoy each other’s company. With an array of activities ranging from golfing, strolling, kayaking, and swimming, you and your family will get a lot out of your time here. If you think that things might get too busy, then consider some time off from work, and spend your day with your family in the beautiful country of Oman.

Visa Requirements To Travel To Oman include obtaining e-visa to the country. Not only is Oman an excellent resort for families, but it also is an ideal place for people who want to experience all that Oman has to offer.


Be it rafting, yachting, white water rafting, or a day cruise on the desert, Oman can provide you with all of the activities that you will ever need.

So take advantage of your time and visit Oman at least once during your family holidays.

It is essential to choose the right climate when planning your holiday. The weather in Oman is quite hot and dry most of the year, but from June to September, the weather is best. The climate of Oman in June can get very humid. This is a popular time to go for a boat cruise on the Arabian Sea.

However, if you prefer not to spend your time in the hot sun and weather, you can try to spend your vacation in a different country. When you do so, then you will have the advantage of enjoying a wide range of activities.

Many different activities

Kayaking, surfing, and sailing are a great choice, as these activities offer the tourists the opportunity to see many different parts of the country. Kayaking, for example, is one of the few forms of water sport in the region where a family can be part of the action without worrying about the weather.

They can even go solo, where they can enjoy the feeling of being part of the water and the thrill of kayaking.

Surfing is another exciting way to spend your family holidays in Oman. During the warm season, it gets crowded on the beaches, and when the beaches are at their busiest, people tend to go on other activities.


However, this time of the year is the peak of action, when people from all over the world come to enjoy the sight of the wave crashing down upon them.

If you are a fan of local outdoor sports, you can visit places like Amman, the capital of Oman, to enjoy the adrenaline rush of playing golf, kayaking or surfing. You can also visit the ports to see how people can still enjoy the beauty of the sea even after decades of political turmoil.

As long as you stay dry and warm, the weather in Oman is as perfect as possible. You can bring your kids along to the beach, and they will enjoy the fresh air. If you decide to go swimming, you will find that the water is refreshing and crisp compared to the ocean.

E-visa to Oman

An electronic visa system to Oman is an online application system available since February 2018. It allows citizens of eligible countries to obtain travel permission electronically, without the necessity of leaving home.

The system enables easy and fast application process based on the application form available on the website. There’s no need to visit the embassy.


It’s a profound change, and traveling is now much more comfortable than before. The cost of e-visa is strictly related to the type of visa you apply for. In the application form, you will be asked to provide necessary data related to your trip, such as the planned date of arrival in the country.

Check if your passport is still valid before you start with the application.

You can choose between two types of single-entry e-visa; for 10 and 30 days in Oman. There’s also multiple entry visa available for those who know they will visit the country more than once.